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Ohio Hiking Trails: Hocking Hills State Park


There is no entrance fee to visit these Ohio hiking Trails.


When are these Hiking Trails most beautiful?

While many assume hiking is a summer time activity, visiting during the spring and later fall provides a completely new appearance. 


When the leaves are down, there is greater visibility of the trails, waterfalls, boulders, streams, and cliffs. 


The water flow of secondary waterfalls become more abundant within a couple days of a rain for those who have flexibility to factor the weather forecast when visiting trails of Hocking Hills State Park. 

Lodging & Camping (pup-up links):

State Park cabin and camping reservations 

Private lodging and camping  

Alternative Area camping:  Tar Hollow

Maps (pup-up third party links):

Roadway & Buckeye Trail map (.pdf)

Old Man's Cave map (.pdf)

Cedar Falls map (.pdf)

Rockbridge map

Typical Supplies:

Proper dress and footwear (sometimes mud) are the big ones along with one's preferred camera.


The are no trash receptacles in the gorges.  What drink containers go in, must also be brought out.


Some conditions might promote the use of a flashlight at Rockhouse.  In general, the need for bug repellent is less typical than other portions of the state.

Have a respect your environment:

Electronic device reception is generally poor and rural emergency service extraction time is a different world than urban areas.   Good judgment and safe decisions are important.


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