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Rockbridge State Nature Preserve

Ohio Rockbridge State Nature Preserve is a span of over 100 feet making it Ohio's longest natural bridge.   A waterfall drop off is located next to Rockbridge with the stream then flowing under the bridge.

Ohio Rockbridge Nature Preserve is located just off the east side of US-33 just south of the US-33 rest stop and north of SR-180.   The intersection is Dalton Rd /Twp 503 with the road briefly going south with the road narrowing to near one lane as it turns eastward.  The Rockbridge parking lot is under a mile from US-33.

This photographic tour grabs some landscape views of the trail along with Ohio's longest natural rock bridge.

Ohio Rockbridge Nature Preserve does not allow pets. 











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ro2:    Trail conditions of Rockbridge
ro3:    Trails prior to the Ohio Natural Rock Bridge
First views of Rockbridge
ro5:    Views of Rockbridge without summer foliage
ro6:    The arch of Rockbridge
ro7:    The waterfall after recent rains
The steam leading to the Hocking River
Hiking trail under the arch of Rockbridge
Contrast of Rockbridge Arch
Vantage point of the Rockbridge Waterfalls
Rockbridge Waterfalls
Views while returning to the parking lot
ro14:  Rolling pastures next to Rockbridge parking lot