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Cedar Falls / Ohio Buckeye Trail

The Cedar Falls parking area has picnic areas and a more primitive restroom. 

The Ohio Buckeye Trail at Cedar Falls as extensive descending stairs into the gorge.

This photographic tour not only includes Cedar Falls, but also the three mile gorge trail of the Ohio Buckeye Trail leading from Cedar Falls to Old Man's Cave.  This trail is saturated with as many beautiful geographical features as any hiking trail in this area of the United States.

The term Buckeye Trail includes a number of specified trails in Ohio.  The six mile portion of the trail from Ash Cave to Cedar Fall to Old Man's Cave is commonly referred to as the Old Man's Cave section of the Ohio Buckeye Trail.

This overall section of the Ohio Buckeye trail actually starts east of US-33 and runs down to Tar Hollow according to buckeyetrail.org .










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b2:    Trail views enroute to Cedar Falls
Stream side trail
b4:   Approach to a secondary falls
b5:    Bit of History
b6:    View of the Secondary Waterfalls
Arrival at Cedar Falls Basin
Cedar Falls spillway
Summer foliage of Cedar Falls
Cedar Falls of Hocking Hills State Park
Cedar Falls Basin of Hocking Hills State Park
b12:  Buckeye Trail Bridges
Ohio Buckeye Trail along cliff walls
b14:  Beauty of Hocking Hills State Park appreciated
Distance secondary waterfalls
Many secondary waterfalls flow after recent rains
b17:  View of the stream
b18:  One of the taller waterfalls of the Ohio Buckeye Trail
b19:  Walk-way over a bog while traveling under the waterfalls
b20:  Huge fallen boulder next to the Buckeye Trail
Secondary waterfalls
Fallen boulder in the stream
Fallen boulders above the Ohio Buckeye Trail
Last view prior to arriving at the Old Man's Cave area
b25:  Arrival at Lower Falls of Old Man's Cave